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Passion, conviction and respect for club culture: these three conditions are the infallible formula that Dinamite has adopted to connect with the public through an intelligible Techno sound as a fundamental expressive language.

Born in the city of Madrid, Spain and possessing an overwhelming creative energy and restlessness, Ana Zaragoza took her first steps in the Madrid electronic music scene by frequenting the booths of cult clubs.

But it was not in Spain, but in Germany, where She consolidated his career, establishing herself in the city of Berlin in 2012. Recognized as one of the cultural capitals of Europe and cradle of Techno sound, the air of freedom and rebellion that prevailed ago more than 30 years after the fall of the wall is still perceived in its streets. The Berlin creative atmosphere has become the ideal environment for hundreds of artists from different disciplines who live daily exchanging ideas and collaborating in their work. Integrated to the pulse of this cosmopolitan city, the artist immediately absorbed the codes of a sound with her own name.

Some years elapsed since Dinamite became a resident of the legendary Tresor club, epicenter of the world Techno culture. In the same space, the artist directs the New faces cycle, a launching platform for new talent from around the world that seeks to expand the great Techno family.

With a powerful and dynamic sound, a sustained and projected energy, achieving an overwhelming combo for any Techno fan, Dinamite explores the possibilities that this musical genre gives in blunt sets that take her to tour the most important European clubs in the underground circuit.

Lover of working in the studio and in a creative process in constant development, She creates her musical proposals with a vibrant sound palette with tones that range from the purity of industrial sounds to the saturation of the darkest, producing unique pieces with a very personal aesthetic.

Currently, Dinamite has just released her new imprint Onna Bushi Records, that lands on the international scene, as a platform for artistic visibility, with the persevering drive of a community that accepts the challenge of reinventing itself.

DJ, producer, curator or snake charmer, whatever role Dinamite adopts testifies that we are facing a talented and multifaceted artist, who lives and breathes electronic music making her a philosophy of life.

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